Min rike släkting i Togo har dött :-(

Kunde inte hålla mig. Svarade på ett av de där många ”du har vunnit en miljard-mailen” som man får.

Dear Beneficiary:

I am BARRISTER:JONDEE WALKER, a Personal lawyer to a foreigner who was
a contractor here in Republic of Togo, Herein after shall be referred
to as my client. He lost his life here as a result of Auto Crash with
his family.

I have contacted you to assist in repatriating the fund valued at (
Four Point Five Million Euro) left behind by my client before it gets
confiscated or declared unserviceable by the Finance Firm, believing
you are the suppose next of kin.The Finance Company has issued me a
notice to provide the next of kin or have his account confiscated,
therefore by virtue of the above stated, I seek your consent to
present you as the next of kin to the deceased so that the proceeds of
this Account/Estate can be paid to you.

All I require from you is your honest cooperation to enable us see
this transaction through should you find assisting me.

Kindly use your personal email box so that i will send you more info
or Send your response to this email address: jondwalker@hotmail.com

Sure! Send my the money!

Skickat från min iPhone

Dear Faisal Gharaibeh,

I got your message, please read carefully, I am writing this message
to you now because I expect us to move forward against time frame, My
late client died INTESTATE and according to the prevailing law here on
inheritance, if nobody comes for the claim within a stipulated time,
the funds will automatically be confiscated by law, you and I are
aware that the most valuable assets we have is time, I would not want
you to waste my time neither would I want to waste yours.

Kindly understand that I have searched for years and could not be
successful in getting any Fjellstad’s family, hence I contacted you, I
could say that is an act of fate and you are to represent your family
because this is a family inheritance estate. Now, the fact that the
deceased died without will has made it open for you to be the
beneficiary of this fund thus preventing this fund from been
confiscated by the Government here.

Note carefully, next of kinship is not limited to relations of the
deceased nor is it confided to the circuit of parental relationship,
rather it is by choice of the benefactor as regards to whom he wish to
will it to (beneficiary) either formally by write up, or informally by
secret information disclosure to beneficiary, be him/her business
partner, relation, kinsmen, friends or well wisher, therefore by
virtue of the above stated, I seek your consent to present you as the
next of kin to my late client since the supposed next of kin also died
along with him.

This transaction should be between us and it shall remain confidential
for security reasons till success is achieved to avoid misconception
from whom you may have carelessly leaked this secret information to.
Therefore, in a situation of this kind, it is not published and the
respective financial institution only informs the customer’s attorney
as the case may be and then only waits for the real heir to show up as
the availability of such funds are expected to be in the late
”customers will” which would be the only source of knowledge of it by
anybody who is entitled to such estate but the real heir was also
involved in the accident.

In a situation of this kind also, it is the sole responsibility of the
deceased attorney to provide a beneficiary by any means as long as no
right, whether personal or cooperate is violated. The only valid means
of scrutiny prior to the release and payment of this fund is rested
upon the beneficiary’s ability to provide the required documents such
as an Affidavit of claim and most importantly, Letter of
Administration which can only and legally be secured from the probate.

If this fund is not claimed, it will be re-deposited into the treasury
of the finance firm as unclaimed bill which will be shared among the
board of directors due to high level of corruption here in Africa and
that will become history. There is nothing to worry about as
everything is legal with documentations, it is my duty to provide the
next of kin and whosoever I approve as the next of kin will become the
beneficiary and receive the fund.

As soon as I receive your mail I will furnish you with followup steps,
I will personally present you to the bank with all endorsement to
enable them begin to facilitate the release and payment of the said
funds to you. While it progresses, I will also need us to familiarize
because this is not a small amount to play around with.

You can call or reach at this number : +228 9984 8884 the we will
discuss at large on the way forward to this deal.

Best regards,
Mr. Jondee Walker (Esq)
Lome, Republic of Togo.
00228 99848884

Well, my name is not Faisal, but please go ahead and do anything you must. 

Skickat från min iPhone

Så här har det hållit på ett tag nu. Jag får milslånga mail jag aldrig orkar läsa och jag svara med: Ok, go ahead. Brev från banker som vill ha mitt godkännande och nu har advokat Jondee överlämnat ärendet till en präst eftersom han själv har behöv åka till London. Han är så busy.

My Dear in Christ,
I received your mail. 
I have made the necessary findings from the courier companies here for the dispatch of your ATM Card. Here is the cost of sending your ATM Card through any of these Express courier services and the cost from here to your country, You are required to pay the necessary courier charges to enable me send you your ATM Card immediately. Please these are the preferred channels of delivery i confirmed, make your choice asap.




It is pertinent to note that this payment is not negotiable so select any of your affordable courier fee below.This is only way you can get the ATM Card or you come down to receive it.

Immediately i receive the courier fee i will send the ATM Card to you immediately and forward the tracking number to you.
I would advise that you send the wherewithal to the parish secretary via Money-Gram or Western Union Money Transfer means as soon as possible to enhance the necessities without further delay.
Receiver:Name Mr.Darlington Iwuamadi.

Destination/Country: Lome-Togo
Test Question: Who loves you?
More so,all other information such as MTCN or Reference
Number would be needed for pick-up.
Yours in service,
Rev. Donatus J. Uka.
Parish Priest
Det jag undrar mest är liksom hur det kan löna sig det här. Människan har inte ens låtsas vilja konfirmera min identitet. Han vet inte var jag heter. Men någonstans där ute litar folk på varandra. Blint. För det måste ju fungera. Bestämde mig för att själv inta en mer ödmjuk och välvillig inställning.
That is great! But I have a better idea. Because you have been so kind to me you may go to the ATM machine - I guess you have the code - and withdraw all the money necessary and you may keep half the total sum and give it to your parish.

In God we trust.



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